I learned the art of stained glass from Bill Darwin II, beginning with an afternoon class he taught at the Waterloo Farm Museum, where I was a volunteer, in 1988. I was looking for a new life WITHOUT a man in it, and he was a confirmed bachelor at the ripe old age of 32. In spite of cutting and burning myself that day, I took many more classes from him before he asked me out, and I accepted. A little more than a year later, much to our surprise, we were married. In 1998, he convinced me to quit my "day job", and I've enjoyed the exhilaration and challenges of being a working artist ever since.
Here are just a few examples of my work.

Private Collection - New York
(based on a painting by Signac)

The one in the middle went to California

"It's Raining Comets!"
Private Collection


Your Pets Immortalized

My bread and butter for the past several years has been my sand-etched coasters:

River Gallery Gals

Marsi and a few friends exhibiting samples of their work at Chelsea's downtown River Gallery.
Pictured above l. to r. are Christine, Margo, Lauren, and Marsi.

"Fine Craft at the River Gallery" was a spotlight for 4 area artisans as part of Chelsea's Sounds & Sights on Thursday nights during the summer and at Wine, Women, and Shopping in the fall of 2009. Displaying samples of their original creations were Marsi Darwin, Lauren Kingsley, Christine Schopieray and Margo West. West's whimsical, distinctive and finely wrought pottery is made in Chelsea under the name WestWare Art Pottery. Her pieces are functional, decorative and highly collectible. Schopieray lives in Ann Arbor, where she creates high quality jewelry from painstakingly hand-carved silver and fine gemstones. In her spare time, she's the mayor's assistant. Kingsley hand paints and silkscreens extraordinary scarves with her original images of trout, horses, pheasants, leaves, cherries, and other beautiful things from nature at her farm near Dexter. Examples of her imaginative work may be found at www.paintedtrout.com. Darwin fashions stained glass panels of her own design as well as intriguing etched glass coasters and tiny ornaments. Darwin's Studio is located northwest of Chelsea. All four women were charter members of the former West of the Moon Gallery.
The River Gallery, 120 S. Main St. in downtown Chelsea.

Now, if you'd like to see some really amazing work, please visit - Darwin's Studio!



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