I've been interested in writing since first grade, when I wrote and illustrated "The Ghost Who was Afraid", and in third grade, "The Skunk Who Thought She Was Something" (echoing many life-long themes, sad to say.)
Many stories followed throughout my childhood in New Mexico.
In junior high in Austin, Texas, I had an incredible creative writing teacher, Miss Eula Lee Gill, who recognized my tortured soul and encouraged me to write poetry, some of which was published. She also suggested a public speaking class, debate team, and "ready writing", for which I won an award. In high school in Michigan, I worked on the yearbook and wrote a gossip column called "Gusto" for the school newspaper.
My name came to me in college, when I obviously had too much time on my hands, and sent for a recipe book advertised on a package of Moonlight Mushrooms, and for a peanut plant with some cereal boxtops the same day. I accidentally wrote "Moonlight" on the order form for the peanut plant, crossed it off and wrote my name. But my junk mail for the next several years came to "Moonlight Marsi", and it stuck. Remember, this was the seventies, so it was also somewhat appropriate...
The next thirty years I lived the stories I write about and will someday share.
Sensitive to rejection, I've seldom submitted items for publication.
Articles I have had published include those in The Auction Exchange, Current, Farm Journal, Michigan Traveler Magazine, and a publication of the National Stained Glass Association, as well as local newspapers.



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